St Mary’s

St Mary’s is the largest of the isles, it offers holiday makers a good base from which to explore the other islands. The Scillonian docks are on St Mary’s Quay (around two hundred yards from the Harbour Lights & Smugglers Ride apartments). You can also catch the inter-island launches from the quay. These will take you to the islands (inhabited and uninhabited) and on boat trips around the islands.

For those of you who enjoy hiking, St Mary’s has some of the loveliest coastal walks and nature trails available in all of the UK. The climate allows exotic species of plants to thrive. The island is also home to a diverse range of birds both migratory and local.

If you are interested in archaeological sites St Mary’s has been home for settlers for around 4000 years! There is evidence of permanent settlement on the Isles of Scilly from around 2500 BC. At that time much of Scilly formed one single landmass as the sea level was much lower. Sea level rose over time and it wasn’t until around the end of the Roman period that the islands, as we know them today, began to form. Halangy Down Iron Age settlement and Innisidgen burial chamber are not to be missed!

Hugh Town is the main town on the islands. The Tourist Information Centre provides a weekly ‘What’s On’ guide. St Mary’s regularly plays host to live music, open air performances, slide shows and talks about the islands history and wildlife. Make sure you have time to try a pint of Scilly ale – brewed on the island!

For the more adventurous you could try swimming or diving. The waters surrounding the islands are very clear, making it ideal to dive and investigate a shipwreck or the local sea life. Friday nights during the summer is Gig racing night. Sporting activities include horse riding, fishing, tennis, squash, windsurfing, sailing and golf all come with panoramic sea views!